If you are looking at where to park in Warsaw then it is very dependent on which part of the city you are visiting. There are numerous parking places dotted across the city.

Below we have listed 5 of the most common ones which are for paid parking services.


If you are traveling or working in or near the main Warsaw airport at Chopin then the airport parking service would be a good choice as it is immediately next to the airport itself and is literally a few minutes walk for you to catch your plane.


It is at the central square of the Marszałkowska Residential District (MDM), It is located on one of the major communication axes of Warsaw: east-west with numerous tram and bus lines running across.

Konstytucji Square was built in 1952. It was to become, next to the Palace of Culture and Science, a showcase of a new, social realistic face of Warsaw. During the construction, most of the old tenement houses were demolished. This is one of the oldest city centre parking spots and is positioned at the end of the famous Marszalkowska Street.


In Warsaw, zones for unguarded paid parking are located in several districts: City Centre, Wola, Mokotów, Ochota, Praga Północ and Praga Południe.


The National Stadum which is based around 2 miles outside of the centre of the city on the Praga side of the Wisla river is another option for parking when visiting Warsaw. On big events and for high profile football matches then it is the place to park.


The parking garage and service at the Browary Warszawskie development right in the centre of Warsaw is an ideal base location from which to tour the city. If you are travelling into Warsaw and need a safe and secure place to leave your car then the Indigo car park here is ideal. It has two entrances. One at number 56 Grzywbowska Street and the other in Haberbusha Street. Being just a short 400 metre walk to the Rondo Daszynskiego metro station means you can get to anywhere in the city quickly.

It is based on the M2 red line which puts you in easy reach of many locations across the city.

Palace Kultury (a famous landmark close to Centrum Metro Station) – 5 minutes

Nowy Swiat (one of the most famous shopping streets in Warsaw) – 5 minutes

Arkadia Shopping Centre (one of the biggest shopping centres in Europe) – 7 – 10 minutes

The National Stadium – 10 minutes

Sluzewiec Racetrack (the famous Polish horse racing venue) 30-40 minutes including a short tram ride and walk.

They have a 50% discount on standard parking rates through August and September 2021.


Warsaw Brewery car park - Entrances locations

Local businesses in the vicinity of Parking Browary Warszawskie

Browary Warszawskie

Parking Browary Warszawskie is housed within the main Echo development at Browary Warszawskie and is within easy reach and the vicinity of many local businesses including restaurants, hotels, local business services, and tourist attractions.
With the nationalization of industrial enterprises, including the brewery, in 1946 it was decided not to rebuild the plant in its former place due to the damage sustained during the war, but the decision was changed and in 1949 its reconstruction began. The reconstruction and extension of the Warsaw brewery lasted until May 1954, when production was also resumed.

After production was resumed in 1954, the brewery became part of the enterprise established in 1947 under the name of Warszawskie Zakłady Piwowarsko-Słodnicze, and in 1968, the plant, together with the breweries in Ciechanów, Ciechomice and Wyszków, established an enterprise under the name “Warszawskie Zakłady Piwowarskie”
In 1970, the brewery started to produce “Specjal”, “Królewskie” light beers, and the “Porter” beer. In 1974, Until 1975, draft beer was sold in the Warsaw Province, while bottled beers were sold in Warsaw.

On July 19, 1972, the first bottles of licensed Coca-Cola in Poland left the production line at the brewery in Warsaw. During the first day, 240 crates of 24 bottles were sold in Warsaw’s “Supersam” and “Sezam” within an hour – a total of 5,760 bottles of Coca-Cola.
In 1992, the breweries were transformed into an employee company under the name Browary Warszawskie S. A., which took over the property from the State Treasury. In 2000, negotiations with the investor, the Austrian concern Brau Union AG began and in March 2001 the company’s shares were taken over by a strategic investor with the consent of the Ministry of Interior and Administration.

However, On June 15, 2004, a general meeting of Brau Union Polska shareholders decided to withdraw from Poland and resell the Kujawiak Brewery in Bydgoszcz to Grupa Żywiec and to end production in the Warsaw brewery and transfer it to the plant in Warka. This was due to the fact that Brau Union AG group was incorporated into the Heineken N. V. concern, which in Poland includes, inter alia, Żywiec Group. The problems with production in the center of a large city, as well as the company’s financial losses – in 2000-2003, amounted to PLN 100 million, also spoke in favor of the liquidation of production.
Browary Warszawskie left their Warsaw headquarters in 2004, As a result of the plant’s liquidation, 250 jobs ceased to exist in Warsaw. The beers “Specjal” and “Porter” then became the brands of Heineken.

After the liquidation of the brewery, the buildings initially housed warehouses, later the demolition of the buildings began. In 2007, the brewery area was practically empty. The last undamaged buildings were still located between ul. Krochmalna and Chłodna, and they were: a brewhouse, a water treatment plant, a laboratory, and a series of underground corridors.
However, In 2014, the property was purchased by Echo Investment and a multifunctional complex called Browary Warszawskie was built there, combining office and residential space as well as a gastronomic and a flourishing service zone. It is now one of the most vibrant business and residential communities in the whole of Poland