Local Services

Calypso Fitness Browary Warszawskie

Calypso Fitness is one of the major fitness centre brands in Poland and the facility at Browary Warszawskie is top class. The centre holds a wide range of hourly fitness classes in different disciplines including dance, weights, circuit training, and many others. Classes take place from 8 am – 8 pm so there is always the flexibility for busy professionals to work out and keep fit.
The gym is located just 200 metres from our parking garage so it is easy to park and exercise.
The gym is fitted out with a full range of modern exercise equipment and a large choice of instructors for group and individual one-on-one coaching are available.

Day For Dog Pet Grooming – https://www.dayfordog.pl/

The location of this business is ideal as it has a wide base of customers on its doorstep. The one thing we love about “Day for Dog” and why we included it in this article was that they have many 5 star reviews on Google and of course we wish to support small businesses in the local area.
In their own words…..”We always look our best in the eyes of our dogs. Even if we are tired and sleepy, and our hairstyle resembles chaos, we remain the most beautiful for them. We believe every dog is beautiful, no matter if purebred or crossbreed, whether it has a tail or not. whether it can see or is blind, whether he is from a farm or from a shelter.”
Day for Dog Pet Grooming believes every dog is beautiful and treats them as such.
Located close to Parking Browary Warszawskie means you can visit any time and give your dog a great makeover whilst maybe enjoying a relaxing coffee or lunch at one of the many cafes and restaurants situated within the Browary Warszawskie development.

Bakery Browary Warszawskie – https://www.instagram.com/bakerybrowarywarszawskie/

Another local business which is located directly above our car park is Bakery Browary Warszawskie. This unique local bakery produces all of its products on-site and all are handmade. The sandwiches, cakes and croissants are to die for and are just amazing.
You can sit and drink a tea or coffee with your favourite cake or dessert and watch as they prepare all of the loaves of bread and pastries for the next day. It is fascinating to watch the skill of the team. All of them, local Polish experts who have learnt their trade abroad and come back to Poland to follow their passion of baking the perfect treat.
Staff always welcoming with a smile, and great place to chill out.

Petrol Station Orlen – http://dlakierowcow.orlen.pl/

This station which is part of the Orlen chain is a perfectly located garage on the main junction of Grzybowska and Wronia and is literally 150 metres from the Haberbuscha entrance to our parking.
There is not a lot you can say about a petrol garage but looking at the reviews on Google, they get high ratings for the fast food section and the cleanliness of the toilet facilities and if you are a driver then there is not much more you require.
Located right in th middle of the city they are open 24 hours per day in case that emergency petrol or diesel is needed.

Medicover Health Centre – https://www.medicover.pl

With the development in the local area around Wola, there was of course a need for a medical facility. The Medicover centre is located close to our parking garage but also very close (300 metres) from the metro station at Rondo Daszynskiego.
Medicover provides private medical cover at a very competitive rate and has centres located not just close to Browary Warszawskie but also at many locations within Warsaw.